Ride alternatives for your Quince

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Understand the pros and cons between the different services offered in order to get the best ride alternatives

When the time to choose your transportation medium for your party comes, doubts arise. How about a carriage? What about a limo, a party bus or a luxury convertible car?


Whatever it is that you choose must go with the theme of your celebration, say you’re having a fairy or princess-like Quinceañera then a carriage would be the appropriate ride alternatives. But if you’re going for a much modern scene such as a Hollywood or Hawaiian theme, then a limo would be one of your best ride alternatives.

Consider your budget when choosing your ride and look for the service that best meets your needs. Here are a few factors for choosing the ideal Quince ride.

Some good ride alternatives for you:

  • There are set hourly fees when renting a limo or a carriage as well as specific routes. The more you pay the better the service you get.
  • When looking for a limo, the price will range according to the model you choose, you won’t pay the same for an antique model than for a hummer-limousine. Consider adding decorations such as banners, flowers, multimedia services like music, video, satellite TV or radio stations, video games and perhaps event beverages and appetizers while cruising.
  • Another decision you must make is whether you want to cruise by yourself or with your friends and family. If you want your damas to join you a limo that can fit around 15 people will be your best bet or you can choose several carriages to add a more elegant feel to your caravan ride.
  • As it is a tradition for the Quinceañera to travel with her court, you can choose same model vehicles to travel uniformly one behind the other.
  •  A novelty ride would be a party bus; this gives you the option to have a photo shoot before arriving to your party.

No matter which ride alternative you choose, call the company you hire a day before your party to arrange any kind of incidentals and to make sure they will arrive on time the day of your special celebration.


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