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 Your Quince can be the perfect time to show your  environmental awareness by riding in one of the latest  hybrid limousines

Environmental awareness has caused the limousine  transportation business to walk the nature trail.  Although these vehicles are known for their large and exaggerated looks that squander money away, each year there are more and more options to help you catch up with the new eco-friendly technology.

The Toyota Prius limousine is the perfect example of a combination of the excellent fuel efficiency, as the Prius is the best-selling hybrid vehicle worldwide, and high room capacity required by special occasions such as your quinceañera. Despite the fact that the company that built the Prius has lost millions due to major vehicle recalls, it is still the leading company when it comes to hybrid vehicles.

But they are not alone. Jaguar will soon have its own hybrid limousine called “Limo Green.” The new limousine was created in conjunction with Lotus, a company that seems to have made several agreements with Jaguar. The Limo Green’s electric engine will render 145 kW and will be linked to a powerful internal combustion engine that will allow the vehicle to run for more than 30 miles on a single charge.

There is also the Chevy Tahoe Hybrid for those who live green but don’t want to give up the luxury of riding in a classic limousine. This vehicle is as impressive as other models of its kind, but its electric engine makes it more fuel-efficient and sets it apart from the rest.

The use of hybrid limousines is a new trend that began about five years ago, after ex-Vice President Al Gore published his documentary about global warming, “An Inconvenient Truth.” This feature film set off a new consciousness that had a domino effect on Hollywood celebrities, who began to make their appearances in hybrid vehicles that same year.

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Hybrid vehicles are a new trend that has taken over the entire market. Although they are somewhat more expensive, the message they send to consumers is worth much more than the money you can save on a regular vehicle.

Ecolimo, an innovative project based in Los Angeles whose mission is to retain the classic chauffeur while keeping the environment clean, has reached an affordable solution without having to use large and luxurious limos.

Y. Fray, Ecolimo’s CEO, assures that maintaining his hybrid vehicles is much easier and more efficient than in other companies, in which he had to spend at least $50 a day to fill his Lincoln. With the Prius’s 36 MPG average, the difference is quite notable.

Despite this, he charges no more than a private taxi service but still raises environmental awareness. “When I arrive in my Ecolimo, I raise people’s awareness. More and more people are beginning to realize that we don’t have unlimited resources,” says Fray.

Take advantage of your Quince celebration as the perfect opportunity to show everyone that it is possible to have an impact on the planet and maintain it a habitable place for more than 6.5 billion people and the billions of children who will be born in the next few decades.

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