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As a Quinceanera is transported about the town to and from the church, nothing says elegance and sophistication like riding in a classic limousine. Just like every other element of the celebration, the limo should be carefully selected in advance to get a great offer.
Standard pricing for limo and Quinceanera party bus rentals is variable because it depends on many factors including limo size, season, day of the week, and the number of hours you plan to rent it. Fridays and Saturdays during the summer are generally more popular and, thus, more expensive. Size also matters: because SUV and Hummer limos are twice as big as standard Lincoln and Cadillac limos, they are also twice as expensive.

Most limousines offer the same standard features with only slight variations. Features generally include video/DVD player, TV monitors, multi disc CD player, mirrored ceiling with lights, power moon roof, champagne console, and more!

quince transportation

quince transportation

Limousines don’t require very much in terms of decorations because they are flashy enough as it is. However, it would be a nice touch if you could decorate the outside with a bit of ribbon, flowers or balloons using colors that match your quince’s overall theme. You can either decorate yourself or ask the rental company if they can provide this service at a reasonable rate. Again, because limos are pretty flashy, you should only used added decorations sparingly.

Read the descriptions below to help you make the choice that’s best for you:

Lincoln Limousines: The classic Lincoln Limousines are the more traditional of all; these are the ones you’re likely to see on the freeway or a heavily populated highway in your city on any given day. Lincoln limousines vary in size, between 70- to 100-inches, and range in maximum capacity between 6 to up to 14 passengers.

Cadillac Limousines: Another great option is the classic Cadillac Limo. Among all the choices for a limousine, the Cadillac Limos are the most closely associated with class and elegance. These also vary in size from 45- to 130 inches and range in maximum capacity from 6 to 12 passengers.

Hummer and SUV Limos: The great thing about Hummer/SUV Quinceanera limos is that they are bigger and thus more spacious than the more common Lincoln or Cadillac limos, so there’s much more room for you and your friends to enjoy yourselves in them! Today’s most popular limo among Quinceanera, without a doubt, is the hummer limo. These generally draw more attention than other types of limousines and have more added features than the standard limos. Hummer and SUV limos such as Navigators, Excursions, and Expeditions, range in size and maximum capacity from 18 to 28 passengers.

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