8 Wicked Quinceanera Rides You’ll Desperately Want

Grecia Hernandez

For girls who truly plan on making an entrance before their guests’ eyes, a killer Quince transportation is a must-have!

But finding a vehicle that can accomodate their whole party, fits the Quince theme and is within budget, can be a tough decision to make.

Which is why we’ve gathered cool Quinceanera rides options for you to figure out how much money you need and who will be able to cruise with you!

Be aware that when it comes to renting a vehicle rates varied depending on the amount of hours you need it for plus the mileage you will travel.

Quinceanera Party Bus  

Some girls choose this instead of a Quince celebration at a reception hall. They rather invite over a limited amount of friends and cruise all over town stopping by their favorite spots. Fits anywhere from 10 and up to 40 guests.

Lit Quince Hummer  

Hummers are usually chosen by Quinceaneras who are not exactly traditional enough to go for a limo or classic car. It is not exactly a party bus but there is plenty of room to jam and hang out with your crew.

Hummers usually fit between 16 and 20 passengers.

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Classic Car

Ideal if you won’t have a Quince court and if you’re only looking for a quick way to travel from your mass to your reception, comfortably fits about 4 people (Consider how much space your dress can take).

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Romantic Princess Carriage  

Are you planning a particular Disney princess inspired Quinceanera? If so, then there is no better way to amaze your guests than by arriving on a gorgeous carriage. Although the carriage can easily fit up to 3, the idea is for the Quinceanera to arrive by herself.

Fancy Limo  

Usually fits about 6-10 passengers. A great option perfect for you and your Quince court to enjoy!

Cool Motorcycle  

Talk about making an entrance! For this particular rental vehicle, you need to have a licensed driver to sign and drive, preferably a short distance to keep it safe.

Fits 2, you and your driver!

Traditional Horse Ride

Forget about the modern vehicles and make a majestic entrance with a horse! Astonish your crowd with your horse riding skills and celebrate your Quince in a traditional way. Of course no one else will be able to ride with you, but imagine how cool that can be?

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A Foreign Sport Car 

Arrive to your Quince in style with a sports car you can rent or borrow. Not only is it pretty rad but boujee as well!

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