A Summer Cake for Any Party

By salmam

This 2022 summer is filled with summer cake trends that are surfacing all over the internet. These cakes have a fun and new look for your quinceanera:

Summer Cake #1- Lambeth

First we have Lambeth cakes, which are not the typical minimal cakes that you often see trending. Instead, these cakes include the old-fashioned “overpiping” techniques. This technique is dated back to the 1930s, so why is it popular now? This summer cake brings the most, but with the 2022 modern twist, this cake decoration is aesthetically pleasing.


Summer Cake #2- Floral bouquet 

Flowers on cakes are now arising and give a clean and simple look for any quinceanera. These  types of cakes will make any quinceanera look elegant. The special thing about these cakes is that they are customizable for any season. For summer, summer flowers such as hydrangeas, sunflowers, and zinnias are in season and will give the cake all the summer vibes!


Summer Cake #3- Minimal with gold accent

This year’s summer trends are minimal cakes. Now, less is always more and these simple cakes with gold accents will elevate your quinceanera. Any summer color such as orange and yellow will be complemented by the gold accents. The gold accents will act as a contrast for these already vibrant cakes. 


Summer Cake# 4- Number cake

Number cakes are great for people who aren’t huge fans of sweets or the glamor of cakes because these cakes are flat, practical, and with just enough frosting to cover your sweet tooth. Further, usually these cakes are customized to fit the person’s taste and personality. Examples include, alcohol, cartoon characters and even other desserts on top! For summer, putting fruit on top of number cakes will give a refreshing look as well as taste. In the summer, decorate these number cakes in bright, vibrant colors or flowers!

Summer Cake -#5- Arch cakes 

Summer is all about taking risks and going out of your comfort zone, Arch cakes are unique looking and bring that out of the box element. These cakes are perfect for any party as they are totally customizable. 

These summer cakes are new and fun, as well as clean and modern. These cakes can be customized to your own liking but they give you an idea of what to buy for not only Summer quinceanera’s but for summer events. 


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