4 Fun Ideas for a Perfect Valentine’s Day With Your Besties


Valentine’s Day is coming up and love is in the air! Why not spend the day with your closest girlfriends?

We have 5 fun Valentine’s Day ideas for you to celebrate the holiday with the ones who have loved you through thick and thin. The best part is, you can do them all from home!

1. Secret Cupid

Just like Secret Santa, you and your besties can have an anonymous gift exchange! Gift your Secret Cupid a bath bomb or fun, cozy socks to show them you love them. Everyone in your squad will feel special by having a gift to open!

2. Bake heart-shaped cookies

Nothing is better than the smell of freshly baked cookies. Get into the holiday spirit by putting your baking skills to the test and making fun, heart-shaped cookies! Which one of your BFFs is a natural Martha Stewart?


3. Have a movie marathon

Who says Valentine’s Day is only for couples? Turn on your favorite ‘squad coms’ like Pitch Perfect or Bring It On to enjoy with your squad of girlfriends. Who runs the world? Girls!


4. Have an at-home photoshoot

Even if you and your gal pals do not want to go out, do each other’s hair and makeup for a fun night in. To make it interesting, choose a theme! Will you do a classy Valentine’s Day look? Or try bold, Euphoria-inspired makeup?

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