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The Best Hairstyles Relative to your Face Shape

Elizabeth de la Torre

It’s important to know the best hairstyles for your specific face shape. This knowledge will be your guide for many style tips concerning your look. On such an important day as your quinceañera, make sure you are maximizing your brilliance by knowing the best hairstyles for your face shape. The hairstyle tips below can apply to your everyday look too.

Best hairstyles for round faces:

  • Try uneven cuts that show a great mixture of lengths.
  • A trick is to have a deep side part and long, side-swept bangs.
  • Be careful with having a center part.
  • Prevent any and all short layers form frizzing up because that would just add bulk to your round face.
  • If desiring to have a ponytail at your quince, then make sure it is sleek to avoiding adding bulk.
  • For a quince hairstyle length above the shoulders, make sure you add soft layers to create a sense of movement and waves.
  • For a daring quince look try a pixie cut. The layers of the cut will help emphasize your cheekbones and eyes.
  • Long and dramatic layers that sweep along the chin will give a quinceañera girl structure and angles.

Best hairstyles ideas for oval faces:

  • If your face tends to look long, cutting straight bangs across the brow line can break up the length by creating the illusion of width. But keep them blunt.
  • A collarbone-grazing bob with side-swept bangs helps break up a long face and add softness.
  • A center part of hair that’s shoulder-length or longer is nice against an oval backdrop.
  • Add some soft waves for a bit of texture.

Best hairstyles for square faces:

  • A soft clean-cut bob that hits right around the chin works beautifully on a square face.
  • Try waves from the ears down to help obscure any severity in the jawline.

 Best hairstyles for heart faces:

  • Wear your hair really straight and long to drawing attention away from the jawline.
  • For a heart-shaped face, hair that hits right below the jaw helps fill in the area around the chin.
  • With long hair, start with a clearly defined side part and then add side-swept bangs.
  • Have a few pieces of hair fall in the area between the ears and the nose to offset the width of the heart face shape.  Let the longer layers fill in around the chin. Any waviness should be kept from the ears down.
  • Fullness on top only emphasizes the point at the bottom.
Elizabeth de la Torre

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