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Do’s and Donts for your Baile de Sorpresa

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The baile sopresa is the part of a quince celebration that many young girls look forward for months, if not years. Choreographing and performing your special dance is a way to have fun with your friends and show off your personality, but some girls can actually overdo it.


Check out these dos and don’ts to follow for your baile sopresa to impress your guests!


Pick Appropriate Music – Since your entire family is going to be in attendance at your quince, you definitely should choose a family-friendly song for your baile sopresa.


Match Outfits – Of course you want you and your court to look your best during the dance, so make sure that your outfits match each other. You don’t have to match exactly, but it looks best when you and your court members at least wear the same colors.


Practice Practice Practice! – The number one thing to do in order to ensure your baile sopresa is a hit is practice. Make sure you are getting your court together to practice the choreography at least a few months before your quince. This is why it’s incredibly important to choose people to stand in your quince who are going to be able to commit to attending practice on a regular basis.



Start Twerking – Yeah, your parents and grandparents don’t want to see you twerking or grinding on your chambelan in front of everyone. Save them the embarrassment by cutting out the sexy moves all together.


Wear Something Too Revealing – Many quinceaneras get excited and want to pick out a sexy and revealing outfit to wear during their baile sopresa, but you may want to think again. It’s best to choose a cute outfit to compliment your choice of music, but something too revealing could make your family a bit uncomfortable.



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