Facial Steaming is the Best Solution for Dry Winter Skin!

Krisstal Martinez

Tired of having rough, dry skin during the cold seasons? Do you want to have soft, supple, smooth skin all year long without having to use expensive or harsh treatments? Then facial steaming is perfect for you!

Facial steaming is the perfect alternative to harsh exfoliating treatments!


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Here are the steps to achieve the perfect facial steaming experience:


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  1. scoop some dried herbs of your choice into a bowl. We suggset a mixture of chamomile, rose, lavender, calendula, fennel, nettle, and comfrey.
  2. pour boiling water over the dried herb mixture
  3. drape a towel over your face
  4. allow all that steam envelop you for about five minutes

We also recommend playing some of your favorite tunes and lighting a candle for that extra relaxing spa day vibe!


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In addition to aiding with gentle exfoliation, facial steaming also helps active ingredients to penetrate the skin better. Meaning that when you heat the skin with steam, it acts as an enzymatic exfoliator, allowing for a boost of hydration, giving a soothing effect while boosting radiance.


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Using a soothing facial oil over your skin before you begin to steam, will aid in further hydration. By doing facial steaming twice a week after a cleansing you can help counteract signs of aging!


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Facial steaming is a great and natural alternative to harsh exfoliators. Herbs are also very inexpensive, so no crazy price for beautiful skin! The best part is that facial steaming can reduce your acne and aid in skin problems such as rosacea and eczema.

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