All Hail the Cake Pop!

Elizabeth de la Torre

It’s hard to resist the delicate nature of chocolate, icing, and cake, on a stick made so small that one just doesn’t seem enough. A cake pop‘s taste and size makes it the choice of many who prey guilty to the saying, “just one small taste of dessert can’t hurt.” And the rest after that is history because starting with just one leads to many! However, cake pops are also great quince party dessert options!

Fun to either make or cater, cake pops are small wonders that run cheap by the dozen and allow for personalization in their design and flavor. So if deciding on one quince cake flavor is too hard then optioning for a smaller quince cake and more cake pops on the side for the majority of your guests will make you decision more flexible.

If you do decide to serve cake pops and save as much money as you can, then there are plenty of recipes to help!

Check out some of our favorite cake pop recipes from YouTube!

The Basic Cake Pop

Telling you exactly what you need, this recipe shows you the basics of making cake pops for a quick party. Once you get the basics down any personalization can come later and be based on flavor or decorative preference.

The Starbucks Original Cake Pop

This recipe will make your cake pops look and taste like the original from Starbucks that started the whole craze! Decorated in a pink birthday style, these cake pops will be perfect for any quince party theme.

The Healthy Cake Pop (They do exist!)

For those of you who want a healthy option for cake pops, then this third recipe will satisfy your appetite for a cake pop minus the guilt of eating one. If you know anyone of your guests who struggle with bad eating habits or are health-nut people then make a small batch of these to keep them on their diet track. OF course just keep in mind that

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