If you don’t avoid these Quinceanera food mistakes, you’ll hate yourself later

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You’d be surprised when you stop to think about the impact food has on human beings! Not only does it nourish our body but it also changes our mood, big time. No one wants starving and grumpy guests at their Quince!

To ensure that your mom has the energy to dance the whole night, your best friend leaves with a satisfied hunger, and your tias make your feast one of the highlights of your Quince, avoid the following quinceanera food mistakes at all costs!

Mistake #1: Having a Food Shortage

As selfish as it sounds, all your guests who attend are expecting to get fed whether or not they were personally invited. Make sure your guests RSVP when they receive your invitation and count in a few more to your list (at least 10) in case your tia or friends decide to invite additional people. Even if you do have leftovers, you can always save them for lunch the day after your celebration.

Mistake #2: Not considering special diets

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Even though shrimp may is a tasteful menu item, some of your guests might be allergic to it.

Imagine you’re vegetarian and all they’re serving at the quinceanera is meat. You’re starving because you saved your appetite for the party. Avoid your guests going through this scenario by having a variety of quinceanera food options in case your madrina is vegetarian or your friend’s mom is allergic to shrimp. Last thing you want to worry about is having sick guests at your party or knowing that someone left hungry.

Mistake #3: Choosing an Exotic Menu

Your quinceanera may be over the top and you may be tempted to serve an unusual menu that requires an acquired taste. But keep in mind that you’ll be having super picky guests at your Quince and they may be terrified to taste exotic foods. Try to choose traditional foods that will satisfy most palettes. We all hate it when food goes to waste!

Mistake #4: Not Including Dessert

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If dessert is not on the menu, trust us, people will be wondering where that flan, chocolate ice cream, or red velvet cake is at. Try adjusting your menu so you make sure to include dessert that fits your budget. Dessert = Cheerful guests!

Mis take #5: Forgetting to Schedule Food Tasting

Only hire caterers that you’ve personally tried or at least have a good reputation among your family and friends! After months of planning and exhaustion on the day of your quince, all you will want to do is enjoy a full course meal. Ensure that you do so by scheduling a food tasting session before you sign the contract from your caterer.

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