Let Your Best Self Shine Through This School Year With Our Crystal Guide

Yoana Estrada

Crystals are natural stones found in the earth that are known to have healing properties.

Crystals can be the perfect tool to help you become the best version of yourself. Especially during the back-to-school season since we all know that our schedule can get hectic! Not only are crystals beautiful rocks but they can help you get in touch with your emotions. Crystals can benefit you by meditating or by carrying them around with you. It’s not uncommon to see people wearing crystals as jewelry or even keeping them in their pockets. If you’re having trouble choosing a crystal consider getting your birthstone crystal. You can find your birthstone by conducting a quick Google search. In this post, you’ll find a guide for the best crystals to use based on your emotions.


If you are feeling worried

An amethyst crystal can help bring peace and relaxation during all the chaos! With the world turning upside down it’s important to check in with your feelings. An Amethyst crystal can help you calm down.


If you are feeling unbalanced

A green Jade crystal can help you feel balanced. With all the screen time we rake up it’s important to ground yourself. A Jade crystal can help you feel grounded and connected to the earth.



If you are out of focus

An Agate crystal can help you concentrate on the tasks in front of you. This can be the perfect choice for everyone who is going back to school. It can become difficult to focus on the task at hand when other things are happening around you. An agate crystal can help you get back on task.

Rose Quartz

If you need self-love

A Rose Quartz crystal is a gentle loving stone. This crystal can give you that extra push with your confidence. If you need a little more pep in your step a Rose Quartz can let your light shine through.


If you need a little push

 A Moonstone crystal is perfect when you need a little encouragement. This crystal will help you embrace your journey and personal growth. Get in touch with your very own feminine energy with a moonstone crystal.

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