Protect Your Skin from the Sun this Summer

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These tips will help you protect your skin keeping it healthy and fresh.

Although the end of the Summer is near, it is during these last days where we are most exposed to the sunlight since the Earth is in fact closer to the sun. Hence, here are some tips to protect your skin from the sun to avoid early aging or skin dehydration this Summer:


1. Take Vitamin C. daily, most sunscreens produce free radicals that cause damage to your skin such as early aging. A good dose of vitamin C can help prevent that. Whether it is through a natural intake of fruits and vegetables that carry vitamin C or through pill forms such as multi-vitamins or Vitamin C pills themselves. Not only will Vitamin C help protect your skin but also your immune system! Which will help avoid your immune system to shut down on you causing you to get sick.


2. Consume antioxidants. Green tea’s resveratrol can also help protect your skin from the free radical damage, try to drink a cup of these infusions every once in a while. Along with fruits and vegetables that contain natural antioxidants.


3. Consume the Sun wisely! If you want to tan, protect your skin, and look for shaded areas, especially when going to the beach, the mountains, or even if you plan to be outdoors for a couple of hours. The most intense set of sunlight goes from 10 AM until 4 PM. Keep in mind these rays filter even through windows and closed spaces. You must apply sunscreen as soon as you leave your house!


4. Add a few layers. Most people apply only a third or half sunscreen than what they are supposed to apply in order to fully protect their skin. We recommend applying two layers of sunscreen evenly all over your skin to protect every inch there is from the sun.

Are there any waterproof sunscreens?

Of course, there are, not only waterproof but sweat proof. The label should say it, it usually specifies a waiting time between 40 to 80 minutes before swimming or sweating. This waiting time is to let your skin absorbed it and allow it to work.

5. Avoid sunspots. Do this by not exposing yourself to the sun just after applying perfume, deodorant with alcohol, and prevent it by consuming lots of vitamin E.

Did you know that 70% of skin damage happens before turning 18?

Keep these tips in mind and protect your skin from the sun, protect yourself all while being in style. Wear your sunglasses, hats, or caps!

These tips will not only help you this summer in order to consume the sun correctly, but some of these tips will also help you start living a healthier lifestyle protecting your skin and your immune system.

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