Genius Pumpkin Carving Ideas from the Pros

Jazmin Alvarez

Halloween is just around the corner, which means it’s time to get crafty to adorn your doorsteps and win this year’s pumpkin carving contest!

Have no clue which spook-tacular designs will impress your neighborhood?

From Taylor Swift and Disney-inspired characters, these never-before-seen pumpkin-carving ideas will make your house Halloween-ready!

Get your carving tools ready and your ideas organized; you’re about to light up a pumpkin that will instantly become the talk of your neighborhood.

First time carving a pumpkin? Watch this quick pumpkin-carving tutorial for beginners! You’ll be on your way to carving like a pro in no time.


Which pumpkin carving ideas are first-place winners in your book? Comment below! App

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Jazmin Alvarez

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