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The Most Terrifying Quince Nightmares

Grecia Hernandez

It is common to believe that no matter how wonderful things are, something is bound to happen and destroy or bubble of happiness. And since we love worrying about imaginary situations that have only happened in our head, here is a list of the most common things a Quince girl dreads on her special day.

Take a look and know how to tackle these quince nightmares before they even happen!

Falling during your entrance or your waltz

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Imagine the feeling of stepping on air when coming down the stairs for your grand entrance. You sure think you’re about to die – at least of embarrassment- for about 4 seconds that seem like an eternity!

How to avoid it: By rehearsing your entrance, whether you’ll be walking down the stairs or through an aisle. Glide at home wearing your XV shoes

Forgetting the steps to your baile sorpresa … or falling AGAIN!

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Left, step, right was actually a turn! OMG! Now all eyes are on you!

How to avoid it: Either memorize your routine by heart or play-pretend and be spontaneous about your silly confusion. No matter what you do, all eyes will be on you!

Dealing with Quince drama

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Drama with with your damas, friends, uncomfortable family situations, irresponsible vendors and not getting what was expected on such an occasion can sure drive someone to tears :'(

How to avoid it: Don’t let a silly moment ruin your special day, here is where to prove your maturity level, you’re no longer a little girl 🙂

Your guests not getting turned up

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Everyone’s has been comfortably sitting … for the past 3 hours! While your DJ is reminiscing listening to his favorite jams….Talk about a boring Quinceanera!

How to avoid it: Wisely decide on whether to use a live band, hire  a mariachi or a DJ. If you go for live band, let them know you’re looking for a varied style, they must know the cumbia classics and the latest bachata hits as well. Same goes for the DJ, give him/her a list of your parents’ favorite songs and your Top 40 too.

Something happening to your dress!

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Your cousin stepped on it; you smeared makeup on it while putting it on, someone spilled soda on it or worse: it is not ready to wear!

How to avoid it: Plan ahead to have you dress ready to wear at least 2 weeks prior to your fiesta, this way in case you gain or drop a few pounds there is still time for alterations.

Have someone help you put your dress on and as silly as this sounds, have someone look after your dress at least until your Quinceanera pictures are taken. If for any reason something minor still happens to your dress, don’t let it affect your Quince mood.

What are your Quince nightmares?

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