Tiaras and Tacones Help You Get the Perfect XV Court!

Grecia Hernandez

How cute is their Chanel inspired XV Candy table ?

Every Quinceanera-to-be comes across the same issue.

Organizing and putting a court together could seem as the typical XV roadblocks however there is a bigger one!

Asking their peers to be part of their XV court, more so, the guy who they want as the main chambelan!

How to break the ice with someone and ask them without fear?

Here is Tiaras and Tacones solution:

Escort request cards!

Instagram seems to be the perfect outlet to ask your friends and family if they want to be part of your exclusive XV posse.

With posts like the one above and Tiaras and Tacones‘ hashtag #BeInMyCourt the fear of rejection and the dreaded time spent of asking one by one is easily reduced to a click.

Tiaras and Tacones helps you get over the hurdles of asking someone to be in your Quinceanera court.

How can you get your hands on this escort request cards, you ask?

All you have to do is follow us on Instagram @tiarasandtacones Hashtag #beinmycourt and be randomly selected to receive some in the mail.

You then, fill out them out with the name of the person being asked and add your phone number or email address.

Give them a due date of when you need to know by and you’re done. It’s that simple!


Celia Barrios, the mastermind behind Tiaras and Tacones ?

Reach out to Celia Barrios, owner of Tiaras and Tacones at 323 316-3472 and set up an appointment, she is a whiz when it comes to planning fiestas, especially Quinceaneras!


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