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Ways to Include Your Furry Friend in Your Quince

Yoana Estrada

Put your paws up if you’re OBSESSED with your pets!

Anyone? There’s no need to worry you’re not the only one. It’s not unusual for our pets to become our best friends and part of our family. For this reason, it’s normal to want to include them in big events. Keep reading for more tips on having a fur-tastic ‘pawty’ with your furbaby!

Include your pet in your quince photoshoot 


Wear matching outfits

Have your pup be your chambelan or dama

Dress them up for the occasion

Hit the dance floor with your fur-baby

Please remember that not every dog will be able to participate in some of these activities. It’s best to not include your pup if you know that they will stress out. Here are some ways you can include them outside of the party.

  • Have cardboard cut out 

  • Make a custom leash

  • Get ready together

  • Name a menu item after them

  • Place your pet on your quince invitations

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