10 Fabulous Quinceanera Surprise Dance Ideas

Quince Madrina

Although it is a lovely tradition, the Quinceanera waltz sure leaves most of your guests crying (too emotional!) or asleep (LOL!).

But then your Quinceanera surprise dance happens and it’s up to you to set the mood of your party and get everyone on the dance floor as soon as it’s over.

These jams will not only amaze (and actually surprise!) your guests but will also make them want to be part of your dancing crew:

From Beyonce to Britney Spears this Quinceanera, her chambelan and damas got the moves!!!

A Romantic Couples Surprise Dance to Prince Royce’s “Stand By Me” 


Although they begin with the “Mannequin Challenge”, these girls are not stiff at all…


A Beautiful cultural dance that pays tribute to such a lovely traditional event


We know even the guests wanted to be part of this awesome ‘quebradita’ surprise dance


A Retro Quince Surprise Dance


This mix is giving us LIFE!


Pacito a pacito, suave, suavecito type of dance!


Inspired by 2017’s Super Bowl Halftime Act



Father, Daughter and Padrino in the mix!


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