5 Movies to get Inspired for your Baile Sorpresa

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One of the best parts of planning a modern quinceanera is getting to learn some cool new dance moves to show off while performing your baile sopresa. If you plan on surprising your quinceanera guests with an upbeat dance session, watch these 5 movies and get inspired!

  1. Step Up – Step Up is overwhelmingly considered a favorite movie among dancers from all over. Since the entire movie is centered around a sexy dancing couple portrayed by Channing Tatum and his now wife Jenna Dewan Tatum, it should provide plenty of inspirational dance moves for you and your chambelan to recreate.
  1. Center Stage – This movie focuses on a group of 12 different ballet dancers, so there’s plenty of dance scenes to draw inspiration from when choreographing your own lively group dance. The final dance scene alone is full of really neat dance moves you might want to incorporate into your baile sorpresa.
  1. Step Up Revolution – Set in Miami, Step Up Revolution features various dance sequences that have a little Latin flair to them, so it’s a great movie to watch in order to get inspiration.
  1. Dirty Dancing – The baile sopresa is a popular modern addition to quinceanera celebrations, but that doesn’t mean you can’t draw inspiration from a true dance classic like Dirty Dancing. Just imagine recreating that super cool dance between “Baby” (Jennifer Grey) and Johnny (Patrick Swayze) at the very end of the movie!
  1. Take the Lead – The sexy tango scene featured in this movie is one of the most popular modern dance scenes to this day and quinceaneras everywhere love trying to recreate it with their chambelan. If you and your guy can master the dance before your special day, you’ll surely impress each and every one of your guests.

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