Be Inspired by Debi Nova and Her Debut Album, “Luna Nueva”

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 Costa Rican singer/songwriter, Debi Nova, is on the  rise and on everyone’s radar. With her solo debut  album, Luna Nueva, Nova is quickly making the  transition from a popular musician in her home  country to international star. With her beach  bum/Bohemian look and swaying hips, Nova    introduces “Drummer Boy”, the first single off this  Gustavo Santaolla-produced album, in form of an upbeat and sexy rendition of the classic “Little Drummer Boy” Christmas carol. Luna Nueva has landed Nova a spot on MTV’s new artist “Discover and Download” series and recently made her US debut with a performance of the single on the high-ratings show “Dancing with the Stars”.

Debi Nova, With all of this success and media attention, it’ll be no time before Nova’s music and bohemian style are every where you go. So this new album release from this talented Latina comes at a perfect time for spring/summer quinceañeras and you can be one of the first gals to incorporate it into their quince party. If you’re looking for a hip-swaying tune for your quince dance, looking into a beach-themed quince or considering a bohemian look for your quinceñera, Debi Nova can be your inspiration.

“Drummer Boy” is a perfect song for a hip-moving choreography that will surely get all of your guests dancing to the beat of the drums. Watch the music video for “Drummer Boy” here and prepare a choreography mimicking the moves on the video. This song is also a great song to use when you open the dance floor. Towards the end of the song, have your court go into the audience and take someone back with them to the dance floor to finish off the song. Before you know it, you’ll have lots of people dancing and ready to get the party started!

Debi Nova, You can also steal Nova’s Bohemian style for your surprise dance or for your entire quince look by following these simple tips. Nova usually wears her locks tousled for a wake up-and go summer look. To copy this hairdo, run your hair through a curling iron with a 1.5” barrel and spritz lightly with a holding spray when all of your hair is curled. Once the spray dries, run your fingers through your hair to undo some of the tightness of your curls and then massage the roots of your hair with your finger-tips for added volume.

If you’d like to copy Nova’s make up look, remember to keep it fresh and light. Lightly fill in your brows with eyebrow powder, dab a rosy colored blush on the apples of your cheeks and a soft pink lip-color and gloss on your lips.  For her smoky and sultry eye shadow style, choose a light shade of brown eye shadow and apply it on your entire eyelid and finish off by running a thin line of it on your bottom lash line. Top off with a light coat of mascara and get ready to show off your new Bohemian style!


Are you considering using Debi Nova’s “Drummer Boy” for your surprise dance or playing the hot tunes at your Quince fiesta?



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