Choreograph your Quinceanera surprise dance to Don Omar’s “Danza Kuduro”

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Urban singer Don Omar has taken the world by storm with his single “Danza Kuduro” featuring Lucenzo. In the digital world alone, the music video for the single has surpassed 300 million views on Youtube/Vevo and has ignited a wave of fan-produced choreographies all across the world.

An all-male trio called Sincrosone, for example, created a choreography that involves a lot of basic repetition, which may be good for beginning dancers. While Zumba instructor Lucia Méresová created a more complex routine that involves non-stop movements for the three-minute duration of the dance.

If you’re the cheerleading-type of Quince girl, the routine followed by this spirit squad may be a great example for your Quinceañera surprise dance since it involves a lot of jumping and a direct call to action to get the audience involved.

More than a year after its premiere, some Quinceañeras continue to use the single as part of their Quinceañera surprise dance as well. If you want to create your own “Danza Kuduro” dance, the Sincrosone, zumba, and cheerleading routines can be easily memorized using an 8-step count. More on how to choreograph your own Quinceañera surprise dance using that method here.


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