Cool Pop Songs for your Quince surprise dance

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Your BFF just had her Quinceanera court do a Justin Bieber surprise dance while your cousin danced to Michael Jackson’s  “Thriller” and now you’re left wondering what song to  choose for your baile sorpresa.

Of course you want to  be unique and even if you could do those dances way  better than they did, you wouldn’t be caught dead  being a copycat!

Here are 5 popular hits for your Quince surprise dance: 

A Thriller Surprise Dance

Start off by having your court do some of the basic dance moves and then encourage your guests to join in and follow the dance moves themselves. Before you know it, you’ll have your dance floor full of peeps dancing to Michael Jackson’s hit.

Pop Female Stars Mashup Surprise Dance

Get your girlfriends and dance to a choreograph mashup and let the funky music do the talkin’, #GirlPower

If you’re a Miley fan, “Party in the USA” is the perfect party song to get your pachanga on! You and your court can do as Miley and her crew did on the Teen Choice awards and just party and dance the song away. With this party tune, all of your guests will be noddin’ their heads like Yeah!–

If you have guys in your court, you can incorporate them into your choreography by having them play the part of paparazzi.



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