Four Songs to Make your Music Playlist Meaningful

Elizabeth de la Torre

“It’s a quinceañera celebration, let’s turn up the music and blast away some fast pop songs that are going to make people dance!”

But that won’t always work to the best of your interest.

Yes it’s a party. But it’s your party, which means every detail will reflect who you are.

For memorable events like this, it’s important that you don’t just select music that’s “in” or popular with your friends. It’s more important to select the kind of music that inspires you and that is meaningful.

With that said, here’s a music playlist of inspiration to make your quince meaningful.

From different genres and release dates, this music playlist on inspiration won’t just make your quince guess dance but, also sing to the meaningful lyrics. A lot of these were popular once so you might recognize them but some of them you might be new to.

We challenge you to explore each one. Listen to the lyrics, and find your own meaning to their music talent.

  1. Ghost-Ella Henderson

Ella Henderson, as we already have boasted about before, is a rising artist from the UK who expresses meaningful lyrics about life, loss, and love. From the first line, “I keep going to the river to pray,” we can predict the truth to Ella’s music that one can easily relate to. Life is not supposed to be easy and when times are tough it’s important to remember that you’re not alone.

  1. One Republic-Preacher

At first you might think this song has some religious background to it. You’re wrong! It’s about all those relatives that use to talk about life lessons and heartache to you as a child, when you were still very young and innocent about the world. Now, as a coming of age teen, a quince girl, you realize the truth to the words of your relatives.

  1. Written in Scars-Jack Savoretti

Jack talks about starting a revolution with you battle scars of life. Un-afraid of the challenges in life and how they can make or break our soul, it is the “scars” leftover that make us a stronger person. Thus, because our past can affect us in positive ways-if we allow it to-our future success and dreams are “written in our scars,” our beautiful “scars.” Simply stated, life is what we make it.

  1. Read all about it-Emeli Sande

Perfect for those heart-to-heart moments at your quince, this song speaks passionately about life and being yourself. Emeli doesn’t shy away from the fact that everyone is different and that sometimes you may feel “strange” simply because you are different. Embrace your difference and as Emeli says, release your “heart as loud as lions.”

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