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May your Surprise Dance be a Success

Adairis Moreno

These tips will help you track your every step when planning your surprise dance.

The surprise dance is generally performed after the waltz with modern beats as background music and an over the top choreography. This dance is a complement to the traditional waltz. Here are a few tips that will make it spectacular.


You must prepare and practice your choreography with your chambelanes or dance team at least 3 or 4 months before your Quince party. Focus on your qualities and exploit your dancing skills.


There are several choreographers who specialized on surprise Quince dances. Be very selective, a successful surprise dance relies much on the creativity of the choreographer and the people participating. Request for a demonstration of their work, whether it is live or recorded to see if that person is what you’re in fact looking for.

Professional dancers

If budget is not an issue and you want your surprise party to amaze every single one of your guests, hire a professional dancer. Practice as much as possible so you can reach their level, they’re professional dancers after all and have been practicing longer than you.

Your music

The selection of the songs you will dance to depend on your taste in music and personal style. Don’t be influences by your dance professor or your parents. Choose songs that have a meaning to you, then it’ll be easier to express and to channel your energy through your moves.

Proper outfit

Choose a look that goes with the type of music you selected. Make sure it is an outfit you can move around in to avoid any embarrassing movements and dance freely and comfortably.

Plan to rehearse your dance not only with the outfit but with the shoes you’ll wear on your party so your feet can adapt to them and to make it easier for when the special day arrives.

Wear age appropriate makeup, soft tones for a youthful and fresh look. Make sure your outfit matches your hairdo and to feel comfortable to dance without any inconvenience.

Important details

Plan ahead your surprise dance and check the time, especially if you will change outfits between songs.

Rehearse at the place where your party will be held so you can measure the space you’ll need and won’t be taken aback in case on your special day.

Manage your nerves and enjoy the moment in which you will be the star of the night, dance away Quince girl!



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