Live Music Options: Mariachi, Banda’s Grupos, Norteños & More

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Hello Chica, searching for different music options?

You’ve clicked on the correct article, we have a wide variety of different music options for you and your guests to groove to!

Learn about the many kind of regional music that many girls love and consider for their Quince:


The most popular music choice are DJs, they have the technology to play any music genre. Many prefer to please their guests with a wide variety of different songs so everyone gets a chance to have get their groove on.


A traditional type of live group and very known to have originated in Mexico, is Mariachi. Usually it includes instruments such as; violins, guitars, trumpets, and in some occasion’s harps.


One of the most popular live music groups in Northern Mexico are Norteños. These groups have instruments like, the accordion, guitar, bass, and sometimes drums and Saxophones.


Are found worldwide now, many girls love making an entrance with a Banda right next to them! These groups play a variety of different instruments that include; trumpets, clarinets, tubas, trombone, drums and sometimes congas (since they like to play a little bit of cumbia).


Known for its style of dance, zapateado, Tamborazo consists of 2 trumpets, 2 saxophones, and a bass drum.

Which will you be including at your Quince celebration? Let us know down below.

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