Music, Fashion and Boys: A Gift Guide for Modern day Quinceañeras

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What’s in style and what’s outdated changes with every  generation of quinceañeras. So finding a gift for a  quinceañera can be a difficult thing to do especially if  you’re out the loop with modern day teensters. To  make your quinceañera gift shopping a breezy day in  the park, consider these gift ideas for the modern day  quinceañera-to-be.

Music to her ears

For the quinceañera that’s up to date with the latest iTunes of the week, a music themed gift is your way to go. In the greater Los Angeles area alone there are infinite concerts to choose from including private shows, massive concerts or local gigs. Get in tune with the type of music your quinceañera is tapping her feet to and make a memorable night out of your musical get away by giving her a pair of tickets to a concert of her choice!

Fashionable giftsFashion is never out of style

Shopping is a girl’s best friend so whether you choose something special for your quinceañera yourself or opt to grab a gift card for her instead, your quinceañera will gladly thank you for it. But unless you happen to be keen on her specific fashion style, you might be better of picking up a gift card other than picking a fashion gift yourself.

Boys, boys, boysBoys, boys, boys

Although you couldn’t possibly give a quinceañera the crush of her dreams (or can you?), you can most certainly give her gifts with boys in mind. If your quinceañera is currently crushing Latin sensation PeeWee or loosing sleep over one of the Jonas Brothers, you can easily make them a boy-themed gift bag with posters, calendars and desk accessories themed after their crush. Not only will they thank you every time they jot on their calendars or use their desk accessories, but they’ll also be grateful for the detailed and personalized gift.

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