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Great Music Options for your Quinceanera

Adairis Moreno

Know the music options and the differences between hiring a DJ, having a live band or recorded music to set the mood of your Quince party.

What to choose? Choose what works best for you from these three options, keep in mind the advantages for you and think of your guests when making a decision. Good luck!

Recorded music options

These types of services usually have the latest hits in hand, that’s right! They have the original songs from your favorite artists. One of the advantages is that they don’t take much space, they’re not as expensive and they offer a great variety of genres.


Everyone’s favorite due to the novelty elements they use to excite the audience. A good Quinceanera DJ will be in charge of setting the mood in your party with its live mixes that will have your guests dancing all over the floor. Some are experts on exciting the guests with electronic beats or retro mixes. The price ranges in regards to how well known they are, however it is still an affordable amount and they generally offer an excellent range of music options.

Live bands

The advantage of this option is the magic added to your celebration when having a live band playing your favorite songs.

Current live bands execute and dominate top hits and are capable of performing songs from any genre from banda to salsa, ranchero and even Justin Bieber or Pitbull’ hits. If the budget allocated for music has no limit this is by far your best music option.

It is also a good idea to see either the DJ or live band perform before booking them for your party, there you will get the chance to see if they truly are what you’re looking for, speak directly to them and make suggestions on what you would prefer for your party.

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