Music to Please your Parents at your Quinceanera!

Jazmin Alvarez
As much as you want the DJ to play your music, you should consider what the rest of the crowd enjoys to guarantee a full dance floor! Don’t forget about your parent’s taste in music. After all, they planned a Quince celebration for months just for you! Our friend DJ Vertex know how to get the party started!

He created a playlist with the hottest songs of the year for your parents to dance the night away. Find no empty seats with these jams!

Suavemente- Elvis Crespo

Me Vale- Mana

K-Paz de la Sierra- La Vecinita

Mesa Que Mas Aplauda- Climaz

El Baile Del Beeper- Oro Solido

Mi Princesa- Remmy Valenzuela

Arremujala Arremangala- Los Karkik’s

La Chona- Los Tucanes de Tijuana

La vaca- Mala Fe

Banda MS: Cahuates, Pistaches

Which other songs get you on your feet? Let us know!

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