Most Popular Quinceañera Waltzes

Grecia Hernandez

The tiara, the change of shoes, and the last doll are some of the basic elements of every quinceanera. However, we dare to say the Quinceanera waltz is the most important part of the celebration due to its meaning.


Selecting among the most popular Quinceanera waltzes is not an easy decision to make. You want to pick a song with a meaning behind it for both you and your dad, but you also want your guests to take part of your emotional ride.

Here are the top five most popular quinceañera waltzes:

“Stand by Me” by Prince Royce, or the original version… 

This 1960’s classic adapted to bachata is a lovely song to dance to with your dad. The older audience will enjoy the forever-classic while younger audience will dance to its beat.

El Vals de las Mariposas by Cheyo Carrillo, or the original version… 

This classic, enchanting slow song, revamped by Cheyo Carrillo, our favorite chambelan, is the perfect Quinceanera waltz.

“My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion

This Titanic hit is loved by most. Relive Jack Dawson and Rose’s romance while sharing the dance floor with your dad, damas and chambelanes.

“Tiempo de Vals” by Chayanne

This all-time classic doesn’t seem to lose it charms; even decades after its release, it continues to be among Quinceaneras’ favorite waltz.

“El Privilegio de Amar” by Mijares

Written by Jorge Avendaño especially for his daughter’s fifteen birthday, this is one of the most special songs to dance to, perhaps with both your parents. The lyrics will hit tremendously close to home and it is a guaranteed success at any Quinceanera.

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  • C.M.

    We are having a difficult time trying to choreograph a simple enough dance that we can just video it and send it to the damas and chambelanes that are out-of-state so they can practice. We will only have 1-2 group practice sessions before the quince. Any suggestions? Our waltz is to “Stand By Me”, Print Royce and surprise dance is a combination of “Crazy Youngsters” by Ester Dean and “Timber” by Pitbull/Kesha.

    • Hi CM!

      1) Look up videos on YouTube
      2) Gather your fave routines and choose the easiest yet coolest steps for your dance
      3) Record yourself and send it to your damas and chambelanes
      4) Schedule a Skype or FaceTime session so all of you can rehearse together at least virtually


  • Susana

    I’m looking for song that has slow parts and fast parts

  • Darlyn

    I Will Choose ” Quinceanera ” by Los Yonics

    • Grecia Hernandez

      Interesting choice! We will included for our next list!