Hire A Choreographer Or Take Classes In A Studio?

Jose Francisco Sanchez

The waltz dance is the pinnacle of your quinceañera, the time when you feel transformed. Not to mention the surprise dance, where you get to shine onstage together with your damas and chambelanes.

If you want everything to go well you must hire a professional choreographer who specializes in quinceañeras, also known as a waltz dance instructor, or find a dance studio that can help you create a more elaborate choreography.

The main difference between these two options is the price. “Usually, a dance studio is more expensive, since most of the time the instructors are professional dancers who not only teach choreographies to quinceañeras, but other students and dance groups as well. That plus the costs for the studio,” says Jesus F. Reyes, a choreographer in Sylmar who provides both options. “We have enough space for the quinceañera and all her chambelanes to practice in, or we can also travel to your home.” Reyes affirms that a complete deal that includes all of the dance choreographies costs about 400 dollars. “The majority asks for a 100 dollar deposit and the rest can be covered in payments,” says the expert.

Another difference worth mentioning is comfortability. A dance studio may be more expensive, but the place has the necessary equipment and space for you to practice in without a problem. In comparison to your own backyard, you may have very little space and many interruptions that can prevent the group from focusing on the rehearsal.

Make sure to weigh the pros and cons for each option and choose the one that suits you as well as your court of honor and your parents, who will most likely be covering the costs.

The following list includes a dance studio and two independent choreographers:

Danzone Dance Studio
129 N. Maclay Blvd., San Fernando, CA 91340
Ph: 818-837-7964
Web: www.danzoneonline.com

Jesus F. Reyes
Sylmar, CA
Ph: 818-833-0981
Web: www.miprimervals.com

Jennifer Martinez
Northridge, CA
Ph: 818-205-6558, 818-367-0103

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