Quinceanera Surprise Dance Ideas from YouTube

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Disclosure’s house music breakthrough ‘Latch’, featuring British stud Sam Smith, is one of this year’s hottest singles. The fast tempo song may make you want to get up and freestyle some moves, but the slower acoustic version by Smith can be an inspirational anthem for your Quince waltz. Both versions have found success on YouTube thanks to some creative dancers. We’ve rounded up three different dances to get you working on your waltz or surprise dance to get you in your creative space.

1) Jazz Choreography by Kriss Leyo and Yanis Marshall

This choreography can be done by both the damas and the chambelanes on your court since the moves are made for both men and women to dance to. The jazz moves are basic enough to copy after a few tries of looking at the video and you can express the lyrics of the song through the interpretive hand gestures that accompany each dance step.

2) Modern Lyrical by Keone and Mari Madrid

This moving mini-movie tells the tale of a couple trying to work out their differences, but if you’re ready to get to the dance moves, scroll through to around the four-minute mark. There you’ll find a graceful lyrical dance that would be perfect to use as a special dance performance between you and your chambelan de honor. You can even take a style cue from the video and wear a light pink ballet dress to accentuate all the graceful moves you’ll be showing off.

3) Freestlyle Dance by The Beat Freaks

This group of dancers can lead the way in coming up with an awesome surprise dance for your damas and you. The moves are sleek and bold, much like the beats and vocals of the song. You can even wear baseball caps, Converse sneakers and sweatpants in your Quince theme color to give an urban chic look to your hip hop moves. Make sure to land every move with a fierce look – it’s important and shows confidence!

Which one is your favorite?


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