Thinking About Booking a Mariachi? You Must Read this First!

Jazmin Alvarez

The deep & romantic sounds of the violin and the cello, the grito mexicano skillfully executed by the singer, and the crafted suit and sombrero each member proudly wears…what’s not to love about a mariachi serenading you like a princess?!


Before booking a mariachi, make sure you know what’s included in the package and any extra costs involved! You wouldn’t want to have a terrible experience. At least not on your Quinceanera! 

What will the mariachi do once they arrive to my Quince?

Mariachis will be arriving to the venue at least one hour before the start time to change, set up their instruments, and tune-up. The first set is usually played while guests enter the venue and then they’ll take a break. The second set is played during dinnertime. The mariachis will then leave upon reaching the hours indicated on the contract.

How much does it cost to book a mariachi?

The cost for a mariachi depends on the number of people in the group and the reputation it has. The greater both are, chances are, the greater the cost. Typically, mariachis can be as small as 3 members and can go up to 9+ members. What is also taken into account is the day of the week they’re playing. Sundays-Thursdays are cheaper than Fridays and Saturdays, just like any other party planning service, so you may want to think about the date of you Quince if you’re on a tight budget. On average, a mariachi will cost you $200/hr. Make sure you ask them about the minimum number of hours they require in order for you to book their services.

How long will they play?

The usual is 2 sets of 45 minutes for a total duration of 2-2.5 hours. But you may ask the mariachi if they are willing to play 1 set of 60 minutes or 90 minutes, or 3 sets of 45 minutes. Mariachis are known for being flexible and accommodating so don’t be afraid to let them know your preferences! Trust us, they want to make you happy since you’re the one they’ll be serenading.

What equipment is included?

Most likely, you won’t have to worry about providing any extra equipment. But in rare occasions they’ll need a PA system and stage lights, especially if they’re playing indoors. Ask their agent just in case.

How do I book a mariachi?

As soon as your agent sends you a quote, carefully review it with your parents. If it’s within your budget and you’ve decided to proceed with the booking, your agent will then send you the logistics and schedule. You’ll be asked to make a deposit via phone with a credit card. As soon as they receive the payment, they’ll send you a receipt and the contract. Make sure to read every detail before signing so you’re aware of what’s included! Contact them 3 weeks before you quinceanera to confirm the logistics.

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What should I provide?

If they’ll be needing a PA system, make sure there are electrical outlets close by. Some bands will need to change upon arrival, therefore, a changing room with a mirror and enough space for all the mariachi members would be appreciated. Also, feed them, especially if they’re playing for hours. Provide water and soft drinks before and throughout their performance.

How do I ensure I get the best quality?

The best thing to do is watch their videos on YouTube. Read their reviews and ask your family & friends if they recommend anyone. Reputation matters! Also, pay attention to how promptly they answer your emails, phone calls, and questions. The more thorough they are with the services they provide, the better the chances you’ll be having a great experience. You get what you pay for!


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