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Tips For Your Quince Waltz

Quince Madrina

Whether dancing your quince waltz as the  traditional court, or on the dance floor with your chamberlain, be prepared.


But relax quince girls, we have the tips for you to follow for your quince waltz.

  •  Re-do’s are acceptable

At first signs of quince waltz mayhem, compose yourself and re-gather your troops. If it’s the nerves that have everyone acting out of sync, simply ask the DJ to start the song over and begin when you’re all prepared. Although the interference will be obvious to your guests, they’ll all clap in agreement when you give it a second shot rather than storm off the dance floor.

  • Take it with a grain of salt

If you can laugh at your own mistakes without taking them too seriously, you should be able to finish your waltz like a true dancing queen. Although your steps may not be in sync with the rest of your court, if you giggle it off and smile throughout the remainder of your choreography, your court will surely follow and try their best to finish the dance as well. You’d be surprised, but taking it with a grain of salt and laughing your waltz through may make for an even more enjoyable time, dance and quince video. After all, a video of you showing some personality and goofing off on the dance floor is better than one of your going quince-zilla on your quince party.

  • Always be prepared to improvise

If technical difficulties are ruining your waltz debut, you may find yourself having to think quickly on your toes, so to speak. Performers do it all the time, so there’s no reason why you couldn’t improvise your waltz if something were to go wrong. If your music scratches, for example, you can break out into robotic dance movements. Or if your music for some strange reason got mixed into salsa, dance your butt off to the beat. If there’s dead silence and the moment is taking a turn for Awkward Avenue, grab a hold of the nearest working microphone and take advantage of the moment to thank your guests or share some words with them. While your DJ gets the music together, have fun and entertain your guests. All eyes will be on you so better to have them clapping and cheering you on than having them feel awkward and embarrassed for you.

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