Monday, October 20th 2014
Kelly granados hosting 2014 Quince Expo in San Diego

Latina Radio Star to Host the 2014 San Diego Quince Expo

Radio host by accident, Kelly Granados, found her dream career and home in Invasora 99.7 FM.
Luxury_Florist (2)

Luxury Florist: Amazing flower arrangements for your Quince

Want to dazzle your guests with the decor of your quince? Choose these guys!

Amazing XV Sweets by April’s Cakes

All it takes is eggs, milk and talent for them to create your dream Quinceanera cake!

5 Reasons to Have a Hobby

Take a look at the advantages of trying new things.
Give your skin

Get rid of acne with a laser treatment

Here is what you need to know if you’re considering to get this laser treatment to fight your acne.
Get a flat tummy in 30 days

In shape for your Quince

Get in shape and look spectacular with these easy workouts.

How to choose the perfect neckline

We tell you how you choose the perfect neckline design for your type of face and figure.
New season for Quince dresses

Quince Dresses Trends What's IN and OUT

Find out about the latest fall trends for Quinceañera dresses

Rudy's Tuxedo Shop Dresses your Chambelan!

Your top choice for unique and out-of-the-ordinary tuxedos!
Quince hand fan

Elegant and fun Quinceañera accessories

This classic element will add a distinctive touch to your look.
italian menu

A Delicious Italian Menu for your Quince

Please your guests with a fantastic menu for your party.
botellas de aluminio

Creative Quinceañera invitations

These options you haven't seen them before.
Smart Watches

Tech Gifts for a Future Quinceañera

A clock that connects to your iPhone is one of the items of this tech gifts list.

Music Options for your Quinceañera

Know the differences between a DJ, a live band or recorded music to set the mood of your Quince party.

Ariana Grande's New Hairstyle

What drove this little miss to put an end to her trademark ponytail?