Friday, August 1st 2014

4 affordable Quince Invites Under $50

Wedding invitations that can be personalized to your style and celebration!      

Be a Quince Rockstar! 5 of the Hottest Shoes under $40

5 of the trendiest pairs of shoes for your quince dress.      
Street art inspired quince cake

4 Hot Quinceañera Cake Trends you Must Try

Are you willing to try this?

Three Great Summer Looks with Dollars to Spare!

Extra cash to spare for a steal deal?
long eyelashes

Long and beautiful eyelashes all year long

"Don't always use the same product" is one of the 4 tips.
menstruation social life

Menstruation is NOT the End of Your Social Life

How to prepare for and deal with the monthly visit.

An Authentic Mexican Quinceañera

Designer Alberto Arroyo is creating his own legend through his Quinceañera dresses.
rotator_bakersfield blooms with boutiques

Quinceañera Dress Boutiques

Dress warehouses, popular manufacturers, emerging designers and more.
Comodidad y belleza a tus pies

Comfort and Beauty for your Feet

Choosing the perfect sandals to look beautiful and comfortable on your Quince celebration.
Satin paper is the latest trend in Quinceanera invitations_featured

The latest trend in Quinceanera invitations is...

Another appealing invite detail is the brooch used to hold the ribbons together.

Ace your Quince Pictures in Five Easy Steps

Because there is more than smizing after all...
Plan a Quinceañera under $2,000

Plan a Quinceañera under $2,000

Because you don’t need to go broke to celebrate such a special occasion!
Our Quince Ambassadors have serious #selfie game!

Join Quinceanera.com’s Photo Challenge

Are you on Instagram? Be part of this super fun photo challenge!
ryan seacrest is abryana's quince padrino

Ryan Seacrest is Abryana Martinez's Quince Padrino

KISS FM's On Air was granting Summer Bucket list wishes and she got hers!!
Meet Cheyo Carrillo

Meet Cheyo Carrillo

Cheyo Carrillo, everyone's favorite grupero, can be your Quince Chambelan!