Tuesday, November 25th 2014

Planning your Quinceanera

6 Quince Things you MUST buy this Black Friday

Get your Quinceanera invitations, save on your decor and buy the perfect XV Dress for $100 at Moda 2000!

Top 3 Decisions to Make when Planning your Quinceanera!

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A Quick Guide to Help you Plan the Quince Surprise Dance

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5 Quinceañera Planning Dos and Don’ts in a Digital Era 

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The Most Terrifying Quince Nightmares

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Tiaras and Tacones tell you why hire an event planner!

Tiaras and Tacones tell you exactly what they can do for you!

Is Quince planning driving you crazy? Hire a professional!

If your budget allows, it would be wise to hire a professional event planner!



Please don’t sit next to me! Planning your Quince Seating Arrangement

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Need a hand with your Quince Planning? Hire an awesome Event Planner!

Here is a list of the best party planners you’ll find. Take a look!

Three Steps to a Stress-free Quinceanera!

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