Tuesday, June 30th 2015

Planning your Quinceanera

DIY Party Favor Ideas

Party favors can get expensive, especially if you want to have them personalized. Why not save on your quince party favors and make them yourself

Do’s and Donts for your Baile de Sorpresa

The baile sopresa is the part of a quince celebration that many young girls look forward for months, if not years

Modern Waltz Song Ideas; A fun twist to an old tradition!

There is actually a way to keep with tradition while also having fun!

5 Secret Photoshoot Spots in LA!

These spots might have never crossed your mind!

5 Out-of-the-Box Ways to Personalize your Quinceañera with Pictures

Making a family photo wall! Do you want to know more?

10 Over-the-top Grand Entrances for your Quince

Let us begin by saying expect the unexpected!

5 Steps you Must Follow for a Jaw Dropping Baile Sorpresa!

Give your guests something to rave about for years to come!

Tips to prevent any mishaps at your Quince

Huge tip: Practice with your dress!

Tiaras and Tacones Help You Get the Perfect XV Court!

Get your hands on the latest XV Escort request cards!

5 Things Chambelanes do That’ll Drive you Crazy!

Beware of these chambelanes!