Friday, January 30th 2015

Planning your Quinceanera

12-month Step-by-Step Quinceañera Planning List

A 12 month guide for your XV Party.




Go from Having Two Left Feet to a Quince Dance Queen in 5 Easy Steps!

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Top 5 Quinceañera Guest Complaints, Can You Guess Which Ones?

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4 Ways to Thank your Parents on your Quinceanera

Write it, say it, sing it, dance it, just DO IT! Tears are guaranteed!!

Don’t let the stress of your Quince turn you into Quinzilla! Create a Quince timeline to keep everyone on track.

Avoid a Quince nightmare!

10 Tips to Plan your Quince in 4 months or less

You’ve just decided you want to have a Quinceanera, let the games begin!

5 Traits a Great Quince Chambelan Must Have

It is not just about knowing how to do the waltz and smiling at pictures, take a look and see if you make the cut!

Rentals That’ll Make Your Quince the Party of the Year!

If you thought these ideas only existed in fairytales, think again!

Destiny Lopez’s Quinceanera Wishes Come True!

This chica celebrated her Parisian themed-Quince with her handsome chambelan, Cheyo Carrillo!

6 Quince Things you MUST buy this Black Friday

Get your Quinceanera invitations, save on your decor and buy the perfect XV Dress for $100 at Moda 2000!