Sunday, February 1st 2015

Quince Fashion

Get insider tips on what’s in & out for quince fashion.

From dresses to shoes to accessories, we have all the tips you’ll need to plan your quince.

Princess Ariel’s Guide to Shoes!

Make your guests say “sha la la la la la, my oh my!” when they take a peak at your feet!

Miss Universe Gowns that could be XV Dresses

Paulina Vega, from Colombia was crowned as the winner!

The 10 best dresses for the mother of the Quinceanera

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The Ultimate Checklist for Choosing your Dream Quince Shoes

Tips to choose the only and perfect Quince sandals. Check them out!

24 Fabulous Quinceaneras Dresses of the Web

Almost one for each color of the rainbow, take a look and pick your favorite!

Exquisite XV Dresses from Quinceañeras y Novias Alta Costura

Can’t find the Quince dress of your dreams? Customize it!

11 Golden Globes Dresses for your Quinceanera Guests

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