Saturday, April 19th 2014

Quince Fashion

Get insider tips on what’s in & out for quince fashion.

From dresses to shoes to accessories, we have all the tips you’ll need to plan your quince.

Traditional Quinceañera Dresses are Still in Trend

Take a look at the classic and traditional quinceañera dresses presented at our Quince Expo in Bakersfield.

Quinceañera Dresses at our Los Angeles Expo

Blue is definitely the trendiest color!



Adan Terriquez’s Passion for Quinceañera Dresses

This man knows his dresses!

Gorgeous Quinceañera Dresses

Here is a list of top San Fernando gorgeous quince dresses’ designers and retails stores.



A Quinceañera Dress Inspired by the 2014 Oscars

Check out three beautiful designs from this year’s Oscars red carpet.




Quinceañera Shoes with Attitude!

Check them out now!




The Perfect Quinceañera Shoes

Special occasions shoes that represent your personality and speak comfort.