Wednesday, November 26th 2014

Quince Fashion

Get insider tips on what’s in & out for quince fashion.

From dresses to shoes to accessories, we have all the tips you’ll need to plan your quince.

Don’t be the typical Quinceanera, choose these XV accessories instead!

Think outside the box but don’t go crazy and pick one of each. Remember that less is always more!

10 High Heels Worthy of a Cinderella Story

Be ready to make your Cinderella dream come true!

10 Fabulous Necklaces for your Quince!

These would make princess Kate Middleton envy you!

Stunning Headpiece ideas for every XV girl!

Look through the pictures we found (from all over the internet) of stunning headpiece ideas for every XV girl’s dress!

Stunning Dama Dresses Under $100

OMG, who would’ve known you don’t have to spend a fortune on dazzling dama dresses!

Re-Use Your Quinceanera Dress

Perfect opportunities to relive the magic!

10 Unbelievable Feathered Up Quince Heels!

Ready to be inspired?