The Best Jewelry for your Quince Dress

Alexa DLT

Your dress is ready to be worn, you have visualized your Quince hairstyle but when it comes to the accessories you have yet to find something that “speaks” to you.

These will give the final touch to your overall look, adding femininity, elegance, charm or glamor.

On this occasion, we tell you how to choose them according to the neckline of your dress.


Strapless Quince Dress

Depending on the simplicity of your cleavage, if the dress lacks embellishments on the top part then your best bet is a statement necklace or long chandelier earrings.


Halter Quinceanera Dress

A heavily decorated halter neckline asks for a demure head accessory paired up with sparkly dangling earrings.


Bateau Neckline on XV Dress

Although in everyday wear bateau blouses work best with necklaces below or above the breasts or fully wrapped around your neck, with embellished Quince tops it’s best to go with just stud or long earrings.


Sweetheart Quince Dress

Statement pieces like pendants, chokers and Y drop necklaces were made to complement this flirty Quinceanera cleavage.

Illusion Neckline

The classiest option for fancy young ladies are these beaded bodice choices and what better way to enhance their dazzling beauty than with dangly earrings (Skip the necklace!)

Off the Shoulders Dress

May your neck steal the night with a shiny short necklace and stud or long thin earrings, with bare shoulders this look can’t go wrong!


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