How to Choose the Perfect Neckline
How to Choose the Perfect Neckline

How to Choose the Perfect Neckline

The perfect neckline of your dress must fit you best, it can’t be revealing, scandalous nor vulgar.

Before choosing a Quince dress, you must keep in mind that your neckline must make you feel comfortable without showing too much skin. Pick one that fits you best and that makes you look incredible on your special day. The wrong kind of cleavage can ruin your dress, making you feel uncomfortable on your special day.


Here are the types of necklines you can choose from:


These are Quinceañeras and designers’ favorite neckline due to the fact that it favors almost every body type. You can find them round or heart shape. If you have straight and thin shoulders, this is the perfect neckline for you.

Off the shoulder

This neckline features a straight line going from one shoulder to the other, leaving both slightly uncovered. It is sexy and elegant, perfect to harmonize and balance your figure, since it makes it seem as if you have a tinier waist. However, it keeps you from moving your arms freely.


This is the perfect neckline for the curvy Quinceañeras, it conceals big breasts but also helps add volume if worn with draping, embroidery or glitter on the top part. It generally ties at the bottom part of the neck, leaving the back, arms and shoulders uncovered. Definitely a sexy choice!


It might not be spectacular, but it is comfortable, avoid using it if you have a round face; perfect for Quince girls with a rectangular shape face.

High neck

This is the perfect neckline for a night, winter or simply cold celebration. It covers your whole neck and can be complemented with lace applications, thin threads and rhinestones, a sober and super elegant design.

TIP: It is best to go through a skin treatment days before your Quince, that way no matter which type of neckline you choose, your back, arms and neck will look radiant.

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