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Personalized Mementos for Your Quince Damas

Grecia Hernandez

personalized_mementos_for_damas There is no doubt your damas deserve more than a thank you note. You chose them for a reason! These girls have committed their time and their parents’ finances to be part of your special celebration.

For a sweet token of appreciation, take a look at these Quince mementos for your favorite chicas:

Personalized Mementos for Your Quince Damas

Get your here!

Personalized Pins (Starting at $1.85 to $8.00)

If your court is composed by friends and family who are not exactly familiar with one another, personalized pins are an excellent idea to help make acquaintances! After so many get-togethers for practice, everyone will know each other’s names pretty soon. Claudine from Etsy can make this easier for you! You can request personalized pins with the name of your Quince damas or purchase her thematic sets of eight pins each.

Personalized Mementos for Your Quince Damas

Want a pair? Get yours at Celebrated Designs!

 Comfy Slippers ($14.50 per pair)

Treat your chicas to a fancy pair of personalized and comfy slippers and get ready to dance the night away while keeping their feet soothed! Celebrated Designs from Etsy gives you six gorgeous colors to choose from. You can choose to print your initials or add some text. These make for a great memento of your Quinceañera and are a kind gesture for your girls.

Personalized Mementos for Your Quince Damas

How beautiful are these? Find them at ClassicDesigns.

Gemstone Charm Drops (+ $13.95)

Theresa Mink from Classic Designs at Etsy offers these beauties as part of her “Tell Your Story” collection. Get each one of your damas a personalized gemstone according to their month of birth. Not only are these lovely charm drops genuine, but they are affordable and the girls will love it!

Personalized Mementos for Your Quince Damas

So chic! Created by TheNewMrsShoppe 🙂

 Cool Totes ($12.99 each)

How about a cute tote celebrating their important role in your Quinceañera? Once your Quince is over, these totes will turn into beach bags and perhaps even an everyday-wear item! The New Mrs. Shoppe at Etsy offers a variety of tote bags for you to choose from. You could even match these to the colors of your Quince! Which one will you get? quiz_chambelan

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