How To Choose your Damas Dresses for your Quince
How To Choose your Damas Dresses for your Quince

How To Choose your Damas Dresses for your Quince

Surely one of the best things about planning a quince is getting to pick out your gown, but getting to pick out the dresses for your girls to wear is just as fun! Here are some tips for how you should go about choosing the dresses for your damas to wear to your quince.

Consider Different Body Types


We all know that girls come in a wide array of shapes and sizes, which is why it’s important to pick a style that will look good on everyone. Also keep in mind that some girls may not feel comfortable wearing something too revealing, so stay away from really short or low-cut styles.

Choose a Color That Looks Good On Everyone


Your damas more than likely have z bunch of different skin tones, which is why it’s also extremely important to make sure you choose a color that looks good on all of them. Red, emerald, fuchsia and blue are just a few shades that generally look good in most skin tones.

Pick An Affordable Style


Not everyone has lots of money to spend on a fancy expensive gown to wear for only a few hours, so make sure that you pick a dress style that is affordable. Try not to pick a dress that is over $100 unless you are certain that each and every girl will be able to afford it with no problem.

Ask for Feedback


Since they’re the ones who are going to be wearing the dress, you may want to ask for a bit of feedback from your damas when at the shop trying on dresses. You want to make sure that every girl is completely comfortable with the style, the length, the color and the fit before you decide on which one to go with.


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