10 Absolutely Stunning Quinceañera Makeup Ideas
10 Absolutely Stunning Quinceañera Makeup Ideas

10 Absolutely Stunning Quinceañera Makeup Ideas

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera beauty. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Beauty. It's your go-to resource for everything beauty related!

Every girl dreams about the day she'll be wearing her long puffy dress and having her hair & makeup done by professionals for the very first time. You may be feeling nervous because you don't know what your reaction will be as soon as your final look is revealed in front of the mirror.

To avoid unpleasant surprises on your quince day, you must try the following quinceañera makeup ideas according to the color of your dress!


There are tons of makeup looks for this color but to stay on the safe side, add a hint of pink to your eye shadow and blend it with black or brown. For this princess glam, you can't go wrong with a pink nude lipstick color. 

quinceanera pink off the shoulder dress Quinceañera dresses
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Just because you decided to wear a blue quinceañera dress doesn't mean you need to immediately apply blue eye shadow. Instead, choose a brown color palette and if you must apply blue do it at the inner corner. Complete your look with a nude lipstick with a gloss.

89186 dress Gown


A close up of a woman's face with purple and blue eyeshadow, perfect for a Quinceanera look.
CapMakeup via @sexymakeupstudiotion


Beauty, a woman in a blue dress holding a bouquet of roses, Quinceanera
Makeup via @sexymakeupstudio



Lilac or plum eye shadow works best for a purple quinceañera dress depending on the shade of your dress. If purple eye shadow is too intense, you can never go wrong with a brown smokey eye.

Quinceañera dresses, a woman in a dark purple ball gown posing for a picture
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You have to be very careful with your makeup if you choose a red quinceañera dress because if you don't plan carefully, you might end up looking like a hot mess. Red lipstick must be worn with a neutral eye shadow and winged eyeliner at the most. For more conservative chicas, a subtle eye shadow and neutral lips will be your best bet.


morilee rojo Morilee
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You definitely need to choose a brown eye shadow with gold accents! Finish off your makeup look with a black eyeliner and mauve lips for added drama. If you go for muave lips, keep everything very subtle, except your blush.


A woman in a yellow ball gown wearing Quinceañera dresses with yellow quinceanera makeup
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Quinceanera beauty, a woman with long black hair wearing a gold dress
Makeup Via Instagram: @sexymakeupstudio


For your bold Quince dress to stand out, you want a natural glam with either silver or gold slightly included. For a bronze appearance, be sure to add on some bronzer and a shimmery highlight that will enhance your features.


A woman in a gown Quinceañera dress, posing for a picture in a green dress

A close up of a woman's face with natural makeup for Quinceañera
Makeup Via Instagram: @glambychristopher






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