10 Quinceañera Hairstyles to Consider
10 Quinceañera Hairstyles to Consider

10 Quinceañera Hairstyles to Consider

This article is part of our ultimate series exploring Quinceañera beauty. For a deeper dive, check out our full guide: Ultimate Guide to Quinceañera Beauty. It's your go-to resource for everything beauty related!

Curly, straight, long or short, these Quinceañera Hairstyles are guaranteed to make heads turn!

If you haven’t decided how to style your hair for your big day, this is the perfect time to do so! Get inspired by the following Quince looks:

Vintage Waves

Perfect for a Hollywood theme, Vintage Party, or a Masquerade celebration; this hairstyle will compliment you and your whole theme! This classy look is key to perfection.

Half-do with a Braid

Want a flawless hair do that will make your tiara or crown stand out? You can’t go wrong with a half up-do! Keep it elegant with a braid to the side to finish off the look. If you want your hair out of the way, this is exactly what you need to go for.

Fallen Up-do

Also known as a messy up-do, this hairstyle never fails to give you such a flawless touch! Apart from the fact that it looks great in pictures, this up-do is ideal for an occasion like your XV. At times, your curls can fall and look a little out of order after being up & down, but with this look it gives you that appearance in with a touch of glam! It’s definitely one of our top picks for Quinceañeras!

Voluminous Curls to the Side

Apart from the flawless-blinding- makeup look, check out the dramatic curls that stand out like crazy! The perfect fit for this headpiece, these looks speak to the gods


Natural Hair

The best kind of looks, are your own. Flaunt your naturally curly hair or your sleek straight hair! All you have to do is tame it to perfection.

Slick Knot Bun

When in doubt, slick it up! Whether you slick it up into a fabulous pony-tail or bun, your hair will stay in tack all day long!

A smiling woman with long hair wearing a headband in a Quinceanera hair salon
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