15 Stylish Haircuts That’ll Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Today
15 Stylish Haircuts That’ll Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Today

15 Stylish Haircuts That’ll Make You Want to Cut Your Hair Today

If you’re getting ready for a head to toe transformation this spring, start with your hair!

With so many stylish haircuts featured in magazines, you may be feeling clueless of the look you should go for and, most importantly, flatters you.

Lucky for you, we picked out the hottest stylish haircuts for any type of girl looking to make a fashion statement this season!


Just like the name suggests, the lob is a long version of a bob. It has been recognized as one of the hottest haircuts of the season! We’re in love with this flattering haircut because it’s perfect for those who are afraid to cut their long luscious locks into a bob but are looking for a wow-worthy change.


In love with your long silky hair? Try long layers, which adds volume in the right places and flatters all face shapes! Ask your hairstylist to frame your face or add bangs in addition to layers and prepare to have all eyes on you. Long layers look best when curled with a 1 1/2″ curling iron and remember to add minimal hairspray for long-lasting yet natural looking curls.


For those who dare to say goodbye to their long hair and adopt a stylish don’t-mess-with-me haircut, you won’t regret a bob! This time, it’s the asymmetrical bob that everyone’s raving about. Curl the longer strands in the front when you want to give off an edgier vibe!


Don’t have the much-needed patience or time to style your hair? With the pixie cut, you literally just wake up and go. Sounds like a dream for any lazy girl who’s looking for something low-maintenance. This haircut flatters girls with a defined jaw line, long face, and fine features.

So instead of asking your hairstylist for the same old trim, try one of these stylish haircuts for a head turning makeover this season!


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