15 make-up "influencers" that are trending
15 make-up "influencers" that are trending

15 make-up "influencers" that are trending

Are you trying to figure out what makeup look you should go with for your Quinceañera or graduation party?

A quick scroll through Instagram and browsing YouTube from your laptop on makeup "influencers" sites can help you discover that doing your makeup is not as difficult as you think!

Desi Perkins

Desi is a YouTube star well-known for her beauty and lifestyle blogs. She has collaborated with many brands and has her own sunglasses collection and now skin care business. Her followers on YouTube and Instagram numbers are in the millions. Desi is known for her bright bronze tones. If you love tans, then Desi is the girl you should follow!

Jaclyn Hill

In less than 25 minutes, beauty blogger Jaclyn Hill shows you how to completely transform your face using the four-step process many makeup artists use: contour, highlight, blush, and setting.

Huda Kattan

With over 25 million followers, Huda is one of the original makeup artists who went viral with her lashes and amazing iridescent contour. Now, her page highlights other promising artists following in her footsteps. Huda also has her own makeup brand called Huda Beauty.

Manny MUA

Manny is a well-known male makeup influencer and is also a YouTube star. He provides excellent and honest reviews of many makeup products.

Kathleen Lights

Beauty blogger Kathleen Lights, based in Miami, combines her satin eyeshadows with powerful colors and gives you instructions on how to do the same. One of the best videos she has is aimed at those with a tight beauty budget.

Sahar Amir

Get ready to color your world with the spectacular eyeshadows Sahar posts on her Instagram page. These copper-toned eyelids go perfectly with a Quinceañera party with a Greek, Roman, or Egyptian theme!

Aidette Cancino

Aidette is a young beauty guru with a YouTube subscription of 490 thousand followers. This beautiful model and actress is really making it big.

María Pulido

One of the first things you notice when you go to Mary's Instagram page is her absolutely flawless skin. This Cuban makeup artist can pull off bronzed tones thanks to her smooth and silky foundation. In this photo, she shows you how to do the same with most drugstore makeup items.

Shafaq Novruzova

This Russian makeup artist and stylist will make fairy tale dreams come true with all the inspiration emanating from her social media pages. In this video, she shows you how a little hairspray can help you create an enchanting hairstyle.

Makeup by Alinna

Alina creates fascinating looks using pigmented eyeshadows, matte lipsticks, and long false lashes. Try this look for your next Halloween party!

Nazanin Kavari

This beautiful fashion and beauty blogger has won the hearts of many followers with her humble and sweet personality. If you need to build self-confidence, Naz is your best choice.

Isabel Bedoya

Reminiscent of a unicorn with her pastel pink hair, Isabel Bedoya has captivated over 2 million followers with her step-by-step makeup tutorials. In this post for an everyday look, Isabel shows you how to use only five products to give yourself that "I just came back from vacation" glow.

Jayme Jo

This dancer and model from Australia wants you to adore your cute curls. Her hair tutorials show that natural curls can be styled in various ways! Try this elegant hairstyle with just a few pins at your disposal.


Find her on Instagram as @iluvsarahii! Sarahii is a beautiful Mexican girl who loves highlighting her Latin features. Learn to create flawless tan styles with minimal makeup products.

Nikkie Tutorials

Feeling a bit bold and need a challenge? Get inspired by watching the incredible tutorials created by Nikkie. If you love colorful looks and want to try something new, watch the next video.

Who is your favorite makeup influencer to follow on social media? Tell us in the comments below!

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