The 15 Most Traditional Quinceañera Hairstyles Ever
The 15 Most Traditional Quinceañera Hairstyles Ever

The 15 Most Traditional Quinceañera Hairstyles Ever

Have you yet to decide how to wear your hair the day of your Quinceañera?

Or perhaps you’re wondering if the style you chose is part of this list?

When making up your mind on a particular hairstyle you must consider your cleavage and the Quince accessories you’ll be sporting.

Let’s take a look and see if any of the following catch your attention!

Loose Curls with Crown or Tiara

This is a style preferred by modern Quinceañeras who have let their hair grow up specifically to flaunt at their very special day. If you’re looking for a flirty look, this is definitely it!

Classy Chignon

Now if you’re a traditional Quinceañera, our suggestion is to keep it classy with a subtle chignon, possibly considering a side braid.

High Curled Ponytail with Dramatic Headpiece

If you consider yourself to be the daring type of Quince girl and have been looking forward to this day so you get to fully expressed that “EXTRA’ side of you, then PLEASE! We urge you to take on this Quince hairstyle. Although it might take a while to accomplish, it will work wonders for girls who struggle due to the amount of hair they have. Not an issue anymore, chica!

Styled with ‘tocado’

This style is mostly influenced by older generations who perhaps used a similar headpiece at their Quince. The simplicity or complexity of the ‘tocado’ depends on your taste as craft makers can sell as is or personalized something specifically to fit your taste and of course, dress.

Side Curled Ponytail

A forever-favorite by most Quinceañeras! We love how it channels both coyness and boldness.


Half Ponytail with Crown or Tiara

If you grew up pretending to be a Disney princess, odds are you will go for something similar to this lovely Quinceañera hairstyle.


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