6 steps to achieve a perfect makeup look
6 steps to achieve a perfect makeup look

6 steps to achieve a perfect makeup look

Have you looked in the mirror millions of times trying to imagine what the perfect makeup will be for your quinceañera party?

To achieve tear-proof, kiss-proof, and long-lasting dance floor makeup, you should follow these steps:

STEP 1: Color Selection

The color palette should be chosen in advance, preferably during the makeup trial, and the choice will depend on the skin color, the quinceañera's style, the dress color, and the party theme.

STEP 2: Skin Hydration and Tone Unification

The skin should be hydrated, and concealer should be applied where needed, especially under the eyes.

The foundation should be carefully spread and blended so that the difference is not noticeable on the chin or at the hairline. Afterward, translucent powder should be applied to set the skin and prevent any eye makeup residue from settling in unwanted areas.

STEP 3: Eyes

Makeup starts with a neutral pink-toned base covering the entire eyelid. First, apply the lighter eyeshadow, in this case, fuchsia, on the upper eyelid following the eye contour. To define the eye shape, use the darker shade in the corners, although this will depend on the eyelid's shape. Blend and mix with the lighter shade below.

STEP 4: Eyelashes

If false eyelashes are going to be applied, the eyelid edge should be covered with powder eyeliner using a straight brush. Another idea is to apply liquid eyeliner inside the eyelid under the lashes to enhance the eyes in photos and videos. It can be accentuated with a shiny shade under the brow arch.

STEP 5: Blush and Lips

To define your face shape, it's best to apply blush in two tones: light on the cheekbones and slightly darker just below the cheekbones. As for the lips, you know they are as important a focal point as your eyes. Apply moisturizer, define the mouth contour with a pencil, and then blend with the chosen lipstick. Make sure it's a product that lasts at least 8 hours. Seal with lip gloss.

STEP 6: Finishing Touches

Finally, eyebrows should be combed carefully, and any powder and eyeshadow residues on the lashes should be removed with a coat of mascara. Now is the time to apply small rhinestones or gems on the outer part of the eye. The gems can be chosen in the colors of the palette, the dress color, or neutral tones.

Quince makeup being applied



  • To make the makeup last longer, make sure to use setting spray and carry translucent powder with you for touch-ups. If you sweat a lot or it's summer, it's recommended to use professional makeup wipes and dab away sweat without rubbing.

  • If you want to use false eyelashes, choose natural ones. If you already have full lashes, you can use ones that add length.

  • On the day of your party, go to the salon or have your stylist come at least three hours before the ceremony. You'll be more relaxed, and stress won't ruin your makeup.

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