7 Steps to keep your nails healthy and beautiful
7 Steps to keep your nails healthy and beautiful

7 Steps to keep your nails healthy and beautiful

Not every time you want perfect nails do you have to pay a visit to a salon.

A home treatment can also give you phenomenal results, as if it had been done by a professional when the right method is followed.

Here, we teach you 7 steps to make your nails look fabulous step by step:

  1. Avoid bubbles in your nail polish

This happens by not letting the polish dry well between each layer. This causes air to remain between the layers, causing those annoying bubbles. It's best to wait 5 to 10 minutes between the first and second layers.

The second reason, no less common, is shaking the nail polish container instead of turning it. The correct way is to place it between your two hands and roll it between them. This way, we avoid creating air in the polish and transferring it to our manicure.

  1. Apply a nail polish base

When applying the first layer, a sticky base will be created that will make the color polish applied next adhere much more firmly. This will make the color become uniform, without lines or thick grooves, like the marks left by the brush when used on unprepared nails.

  1. Apply two thin layers of polish

According to professional makeup artists and stylists, it's always good to apply nail polish in two thin layers, instead of applying a single thick layer. A single thick layer will peel off. You should always slide the brush over your nails with long strokes, from the cuticle to the tip of your nail.

  1. Avoid breaking or peeling your polish

If you try to paint over the peeled part of your nail polish, you will create an uneven layer that will cause clumps. Instead, first remove the damaged part of the nail polish with a nail polish remover, so it's easier to paint a new layer of color.

  1. Remove nail polish from your cuticles

Remove the nail polish from your cuticles. When you finish painting your nails, dip a brush in nail polish remover and gently remove the nail polish on your cuticles. Gently clean the areas of skin or cuticles covered in paint with the help of a piece of cotton.

  1. Let your polish dry

Let your nails dry completely for an hour. Avoid using hair dryers on your nails. Letting your nails air-dry not only prevents the formation of bubbles but also provides a shinier finish.

  1. Apply a final layer

The main function of the topcoat is to seal and eliminate imperfections, in addition to extending the duration of the nail color and, therefore, avoiding retouches for a long time. If you want your manicure to look more professional and shiny, you can use a quick-drying ultra-shiny polish in the final layer.

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