Are you dyeing your hair for the first time and not sure which dye to use?
Are you dyeing your hair for the first time and not sure which dye to use?

Are you dyeing your hair for the first time and not sure which dye to use?

Looking to add some color to your hair? Look no further; stand out with a vibrant hair color that will give you a different look.

With so many hair dyes on the market, it's challenging to choose the most suitable one for you. Luckily, we've found some of the best hair dye products that you can find and use for your first time coloring your hair.

For Brunettes 

Quinceanera: The back of a woman's head with long brown hair

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A woman with long brown hair wearing a black top, marian nunes Hair coloring

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How well will the color adapt to your light brown, chestnut, or even black hair? The answer depends on the color you choose. Brown hair works well with tints and colors like purple, red, and even rose gold. Of course, you can always opt to bleach your hair and achieve any shade. However, if you choose to do so, I suggest doing it professionally to avoid damaging your hair. Hair bleaching can sometimes lead to burning if the product is applied for too long, resulting in brittle hair that breaks off. If you prefer a more natural route, check out some of the products below.

For Blondes

A woman with long blonde hair wearing a hat at a Quinceanera celebration


Quinceanera: A woman with long blonde hair in a salon getting hair extensions with blonde highlights

Blondes and light-haired girls have nothing to worry about, except how to remove hair color. Like a blank canvas, colors will simply stick and blend with your hair. The only time you would need to bleach your hair is if you want extremely vibrant neon colors. Apart from that, the trick would be to remove colors from your hair! (Which would happen over time or with a hair color remover).

oVertone – Healthy Color for Healthy Hair

Close up of a person with blond hair wearing a white shirt at a Quinceanera.

Credit: oVertone

oVertone is a coloring product; they are pigmented conditioners that will add color pigment to your hair with each use. In fact, Overtone promotes faster, thicker, and less damaging hair growth. For brown hair specifically, they have red, purple, rose gold, pink (for dark brown hair leaves a tint), green (for dark brown hair leaves a tint), blue (for dark brown hair leaves a tint), and orange (for dark brown hair leaves a tint).

Arctic Fox – Hair Color

A beautiful woman with black hair wearing a colorful top, representing Quinceanera beauty and fashion.

Credit: Arctic Fox

Arctic Fox not only has all the features seen above but also has colors so vibrant and pure that they look amazing on blonde to dark brown hair. They have 23 colors ranging from white to electric pink. They are very affordable; each container costs $10.99 (shipping and taxes not included).

Splat – Hair Dye

A woman with dark burgundy hair color wearing a dark sweater

Splat is 100% vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA. The hair dye colors that Splat offers are of a wide variety; they also offer other methods for dyeing hair, such as chalk, shampoo, and "do it yourself" kits for bleaching and dyeing hair. Their colors work best with lighter hair tones.

Keracolor Color + Clenditioner

A woman with long Quinceanera themed wig, wearing Keracolor Color Clenditioner

What stands out about Keracolor is that their brand pays attention to maintaining the beauty and health of your hair. They pay attention to sun exposure, repeated washes, and overall hair pollution. Their product contains ingredients that will deeply condition your hair and leave it looking incredibly colored. As they say, "Kind color is beautiful color."

dpHUE Gloss+ Deep Conditioning Semi-Permanent Hair Color

A Quinceanera girl with long blonde hair wearing a plaid shirt

Credit: dpHUE Instagram

dpHUE has expertise in both being the stylist and the person fixing your hair. That's why they've specialized their formula to apply easily to your hair and maintain the color. Their products work best with lighter hair tones. Whether it's just the roots or the need for a full hair mask, dpHUE has it for you.


A collage of pictures showcasing different types of hair styles for Quinceanera girls

Quinceañera, a person holding a cell phone with the text quinceanera on it

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