"Beauty tips to survive a Quinceañera in summer"
"Beauty tips to survive a Quinceañera in summer"

"Beauty tips to survive a Quinceañera in summer"

Surely you have heard that the best way to look radiant and flawless is to eat healthily, exercise a lot, and rest days before the big day.

However, if you're having your Quinceañera in the summer, you should consider the factors of the weather.

So that the heat and humidity don't damage your face and hair, we present you with a list of beauty tips to keep you beautiful all day and all night:

1. Use conditioner to keep your hair beautiful.

No matter how careful you are with your Quinceañera hairstyle, often a bit of humidity is enough to make your hair rebellious and difficult to manage.

The solution to prevent this problem is to use a deep conditioning treatment when rinsing your hair on the morning of your party day. We recommend starting this treatment at home the night before.

2. Good makeup starts with a good base.

This is one of the best-kept beauty secrets. Makeup base comes in different forms: cream, liquid, or gel, which you should apply to your face after washing it but before applying makeup.

The base is used to moisturize the skin slightly and prepare it for a perfect makeup application. This is the best way to ensure that the makeup you're going to use stays fixed for as long as possible.

3. Think first about your comfort.

The key to an unforgettable celebration is that you feel as comfortable as possible... and you probably won't enjoy the 'pachanga' if you're worried that all the makeup you've put on your face will start melting away any moment.

During the summer months, beauty experts advise women not to wear too much makeup, or not to use it at all. If you feel comfortable with the appearance of your skin without a gram of makeup, then it's best to use just a bit of moisturizer so that the blush, which will surely be caused by the heat, doesn't clash with your skin tone.

However, if you want to wear makeup on this special day, make sure your makeup is as subtle as possible using a water-based formula that matches your skin color.

If someone is going to do your makeup, ask them to use only what's necessary, otherwise, you'll end up with a thick layer that will make you look terrible when the temperature starts to rise.

4. Add a little glow to your skin.

Nothing is more attractive than having a natural and healthy tan during the summer months.

You can achieve this without having to spend hours under the harmful rays of the sun (or lying in a tanning bed) by simply applying a bit of powder blush to your face, especially in areas where the sun naturally hits, such as the forehead, nose, and cheeks.

The shade you choose depends on your skin tone, although a peach color works well for almost everyone.

5. Choose waterproof mascara.

Even if you're not very sentimental and think that your Quinceañera won't have emotional moments that could bring a tear or two, you should still wear waterproof mascara and avoid having black mascara melt under your eyes, making you look like you have a mask on.

By the way, have you chosen the theme for your Quinceañera?

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