Discover the daring blue eye shadows from the KKW Beauty Collection.
Discover the daring blue eye shadows from the KKW Beauty Collection.

Discover the daring blue eye shadows from the KKW Beauty Collection.

All credit goes to Kim Kardashian West for reviving this striking trend and making it stronger than ever.

The famous reality star and beauty mogul recently launched her new KKW eyeshadow palette, along with Mario Dedivanovic, her makeup artist for the last 10 years.

The launch took place on April 5, and there have been various comments about the drastic nature of this "eye look."

With a bold metallic cobalt blue eyeshadow with strong pigmentation, even Kim herself admits that she would never have risked trying it if she hadn't been distracted when Mario gave her this look.

It's definitely not a plain color, but like KKW, once you try it, you'll fall in love with it! What better occasion to debut this cat-eye-shaped shade than at your prom?

Below, we've gathered some cobalt blue eyeshadow looks that can look amazing on you!

This look combines a light turquoise color on the lower line and then blends with a darker shade, forming the outer crease. In the upper crease, amethyst (grayish purple) is combined to add more depth. Finally, a light lavender mauve highlights the eyebrow area. Don't forget to blend the outer corner of your eye in a V shape along your crease and the upper lash line to achieve a nice cat-eye shape.

This look would be great for a night out with your friends and would look stunning with a shiny dress for your prom!

For a more fun and youthful look, dare to use a turquoise eyeliner and liquid eyeliner for the eyelids. Finish with a delicate wing along the outer line.

This look is great for adding a pop of color for a day at school or a casual day out with your friends!

For this more subtle look, set aside the normal black eyeliner and add this color to your daily makeup routine.

This delicate look would be great for a date or dinner.

For this glamorous look, create a smoky eye appearance by adding this magnificent blue to the outer crease and blending it with an orange shade. Add an extra touch of sparkle to the inner corner of the eye if you want to achieve the same look.

Just want a little touch of blue? Don't worry! You can always choose any eyeshadow you desire and finish with a blue eyeliner under the inner eye line, just like our favorite beauty guru, Desi Perkins. This look is perfect for any occasion. Don't forget the black eyeliner and lush lashes to give a dramatic appearance to this look.

This bold and glamorous look is for those who like to take risks and makeup gurus. But even you can try it! You might fall in love and be able to wear it for a special occasion.

This simple yet very bold look on Kim K. involves creating a cat-eye shape around your eyelid with a metallic cobalt blue eyeshadow and finishing with a black liquid eyeliner along the upper lash line. Finally, with a black eyeliner pencil, draw a line on the inner part of the upper and lower eyelid. Complete the look with mascara, and Ta-da! You've achieved the "KKW look."

This look, besides being beautiful and easy to apply, is very versatile! You can use it for all special occasions, and it will look fantastic!

Image owned by: Sexy Makeup Studio.

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